Transforming Surface Treatment

laser de-coating

Laser De-Coating utilises advanced laser technology to remove coatings, paints, and encrustations efficiently and precisely. This innovative method provides a non-abrasive alternative to traditional removal techniques such as sandblasting, chemical treatments, with laser paint removal preserving the integrity of the original material beneath. Ideal for a myriad of applications, our laser systems ensure a clean and residue-free surface ready for its next phase.

Efficient & Environmentally Friendly

advantages of Laser De-Coating

Preserving Integrity

Experience peace of mind knowing that laser cleaning offers a gentle yet highly effective solution that preserves the integrity of your substrates. Bid farewell to worries about damage during the cleaning process, as laser technology ensures a pristine finish without compromise.

Streamlined Efficiency

Simplify your processes with laser technology’s one-step approach. Achieve precision cleaning with residue-free results, eliminating the need for multiple treatments or additional cleanup steps. Boost productivity and achieve immaculate surfaces with unparalleled efficiency

Eco-Conscious Innovation

Embrace a new era of environmentally sustainable paint-stripping with laser technology. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and abrasive media, as laser cleaning sets a new standard in eco-friendly practices. Reduce your carbon footprint while achieving superior results, demonstrating your commitment to responsible manufacturing.

Versatile Solution

Experience unparalleled adaptability with laser cleaning’s capability to address various contaminants on mould surfaces. From residue to rust and more, this technology provides a versatile solution tailored to your mould cleaning requirements. Ensure consistent quality across diverse mould applications, achieving pristine results with every use.

Automation Advantages

Unlock the full potential of automation with laser cleaning systems designed for seamless integration into your workflow. Enjoy user-friendly operation and automation-friendly features that enhance efficiency and streamline processes. Maximise productivity with minimal effort, empowering your team to focus on higher-value tasks.

Precision & Care in Every Pulse

How Laser De-Coating Works

Our Laser De-Coating process, also known as laser ablation, employs pulsed laser light to selectively remove unwanted layers. This approach makes it an environmentally friendly solution for laser coating removal, targeting the coating itself without impacting the substrate, offering a damage-free and clean alternative.

Precision & Efficiency for Every De-Coating Project

The Unmatched Quality of Laser De-Coating

A Leap Forward in Coating Removal Technology

Laser De-Coating surpasses traditional methods by eliminating the risk of damage to delicate substrates and avoiding the use of hazardous chemicals. Its quiet operation and lack of secondary waste make it the preferred choice for sensitive and precise de-coating tasks.

Choosing the Right Laser for Your Project

We offer a spectrum of laser solutions tailored to the specific needs of your de-coating project. Whether it’s a Flat top, Gaussian, Pulse, Continuous, low-, mid-, or high-powered laser, we have the full suite available. Our expert team will guide you to the optimal choice, ensuring your materials are treated with the utmost care and efficiency.

Revolutionising Surface Treatment

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Embark on a new era of surface treatment with our cutting-edge Laser De-Coating services. Whether for industrial coatings, historical conservation, or manufacturing processes, our technology provides a clean, safe, and precise solution. We can provide onsite services, hire of equipment or a postal service for movable parts. Get in touch today to discover how we can enhance your de-coating capabilities and set a new standard in your industry.