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We have worked with many mould shops and manufacturers to drastically increase efficiency in their production process, whilst reducing manual labour considerably. Laser mould restoration offers a versatile and efficient cleaning solution for a wide array of moulds, including dies, tyre moulds, baking moulds, injection moulds, Extrusion and more. This technology allows for cleaning moulds and delicate tools without the need to dismantle or relocate them, significantly reducing downtime.
We understand that residue polymers and buildup of release agent can quickly lead to imperfections and waste product. Laser cleaning is so efficient at removing te vast majority of mould contaminants that most of our clients are able to clean their tools more frequently and still save time and money.

Unlocking Efficiency & Affordability

advantages of Laser mould cleaning

Precision Cleaning

Laser cleaning presents a revolutionary method for eliminating contaminants from mould surfaces without causing any damage or alteration. This non-intrusive technique ensures the integrity of your moulds, preserving their functionality and longevity.

Seamless Integration

Embracing laser cleaning means embracing efficiency. With straightforward setup procedures and user-friendly operation, integrating laser cleaning into your workflow is a seamless process. Say goodbye to complex protocols and hello to streamlined productivity.

Versatility Unleashed

Whether your industry relies on steel, aluminum, or other metallic mould types, laser cleaning offers a universal solution. Its adaptability ensures effective cleaning regardless of the material, providing a versatile tool for diverse manufacturing needs.

Tailored Solutions

Flexibility is key in modern manufacturing, and laser cleaning caters to this demand with customisable options. Choose between handheld devices for intricate cleaning tasks or robotic systems for large-scale operations, ensuring optimal efficiency tailored to your specific requirements.


Incorporating laser cleaning isn’t just about innovation; it’s about smart economics. With low operating costs and minimal energy consumption, this technology represents a cost-effective solution for mould maintenance. Reduce expenses without compromising on quality or performance.

Sustainable Cleaning Practices

Join the movement towards sustainability with laser cleaning. By eliminating the need for waste materials, water, or abrasive blast media, this eco-friendly method aligns with modern environmental standards. Embrace cleaner operations while reducing your ecological footprint.

Efficient & Non-Damaging

How Laser mould cleaning Works

Laser cleaning, or laser ablation, employs thousands of laser pulses per second to absorb contaminants without harming the mould’s substrate. This process generates no additional waste and poses minimal risk, making it an ideal solution for cleaning various types of moulds.

Preserving Surface Texture & Form Factor

Laser mould cleaning is crucial for maintaining the surface texture and form factor of moulds. Unlike more aggressive techniques like sandblasting and dry ice blasting, laser cleaning exerts no force that could cause wear or shorten the life of the moulds. The laser beam penetrates the pollution but reflects off the mould, evaporating part of the pollution without causing heating or wear.

Specialised Industries

Applications of Laser Mould Cleaning

Wide Range of Mould Types

Laser cleaning is suitable for various mould types, including Baking moulds with intricate shapes like waffle irons, dough moulds and biscuit moulds. It is also effective for moulds used in the pharmaceutical sector, cleaning intricate shapes and reaching into small corners without where other methods would fail or become too labour intensive and even risk external contamination.

Injection Mould Cleaning

Injection moulds are particularly well-suited for laser cleaning. They can be cleaned in situ in just a few minutes, as the laser light reflects off the mould’s surface but is absorbed by the contamination, facilitating easy separation.

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If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly solution for mould cleaning, contact Lasertec for professional laser mould removal services. Our advanced laser technology is suitable for a diverse range of moulds, ensuring thorough cleaning without damage or contamination. Get in touch for a customised quote and discover how our laser cleaning solutions can streamline your mould maintenance process.