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Laser cleaning is revolutionising the conservation of buildings and monuments, offering unmatched control and precision. With the ability to fine-tune the thickness of the removed layer of impurity, conservation laser cleaning is becoming the preferred choice for conservators dedicated to preserving the integrity of our historical legacy.

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the art of Conservation Laser Cleaning

Heritage Building Cleaning

Laser cleaning technology is ideal for heritage building cleaning, effectively removing paint, varnish, and pollution discolouration without damage. Its precision and non-invasive nature minimize disruption, and compact machinery can operate from mobile platforms, preserving architectural marvels.

Sculpture & Facade Restoration

From the detailed restoration of glazed, brick, and stone facades to the careful cleaning of sculptures made of stone, sandstone, and various metals, laser cleaning is gentle yet effective. It’s also a trusted method for the delicate restoration of marble surfaces, breathing new life into these historic materials.

Protecting Our Cultural Artifacts

Artefact Restoration

Artefact restoration with laser technology ensures that historical items are delicately cleaned, removing pollution, graffiti, and organic contamination. We recommend 2 services for restoring artifacts with our laser technology:

  1. If possible, send your item to our facility where we can carefully laser clean it under our strict conditions and processes.
  2. For more delicate or fixed items, we’ll bring our facility to you. Our mobile laser cleaning teams will be briefed on your situation and bring the necessary equipment to complete the clean safely and effectively at your site.

A laser cleaning machine is a tool that that can be calibrated to be gentle enough for Tudor beams yet powerful enough to restore the intricate details of ornate heritage metalwork with rust damage or decades of thick paint.

Revolutionising Preservation

Advancements in Conservation Cleaning

Conservation Cleaning

Conservation cleaning with lasers can allow you to eliminate decades of accumulated oxides, bacterial micro-films, and other types of grime from architectural structures, monuments, and statues. This non-contact process prevents additional waste, with materials easily extracted and contained, ensuring a clean and sustainable restoration process.

The Future of Heritage Conservation

The role of laser cleaning in heritage and conservation represents a step forward in how we care for our past. It’s a process that aligns with the values of sustainability, precision, and respect for the original craftsmanship of historical structures and artefacts.

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Our expertise in conservation laser cleaning is at your service. Whether it’s a large surface area facades, a treasured sculpture, or a delicate artefact, we provide tailored laser cleaning solutions that respect the past and preserve it for the future. Contact us to explore how our laser cleaning services can contribute to your conservation projects.