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laser Restoration

Laser restoration represents a breakthrough in the conservation of historical and heritage surfaces in listed buildings and archaeological findings. Unlike traditional abrasive methods such as sandblasting, laser restoration employs light to delicately remove dirt, paint, and other contaminants without harming the original material whether its wooden beams in a Tudor cottage, ornate iron railings, or the stonework of a castles facade. This method is ideal for restoring the original beauty of historical buildings, sculptures, and artefacts.

Efficient & Environmentally Friendly

advantages of Laser De-Coating

Non-contact Cleaning

Laser restoration offers a breakthrough in delicate surface treatment through its non-contact cleaning method. By utilising laser technology, it prevents abrasion on fragile historical artifacts, ensuring their long-term preservation and integrity.


One of the hallmark features of laser restoration is its chemical-free and completely dry process. By eliminating the need for chemicals, consumables, or blast media, it sets a new standard in sustainable conservation practices. This eco-friendly approach produces no secondary waste, runoff, or dust, aligning seamlessly with modern environmental ideals.

Contaminant Removal

Laser restoration excels in the meticulous removal of contaminants without compromising the aesthetics or structural integrity of historical artifacts. With precision targeting, even the most stubborn residues are eradicated, allowing these timeless pieces to shine in all their glory, free from the ravages of time and neglect.

Environmental Responsibility

Beyond its gentle touch and eco-friendly approach, laser restoration offers practical advantages that make it a preferred choice for institutions and organizations tasked with preserving our shared history. With high reliability, low maintenance requirements, and minimal operating costs, it represents a cost-effective and sustainable solution for historical conservation efforts.

Reliability & Cost-Effective

In essence, laser restoration is more than just a cleaning method—it’s a testament to our commitment to honoring the past while embracing the future. By harnessing the power of laser technology, we not only preserve the tangible remnants of history but also ensure that they continue to inspire and educate generations to come.

Gentle & Effective Cleaning

The Science Behind Laser Restoration

Laser cleaning, a non-abrasive technology, uses targeted laser pulses to lift contaminants from the surface without damaging the substrate. This process, known as laser ablation, when carried out correctly is incredibly precise, allowing for the selective removal of unwanted materials while preserving delicate surfaces.

Precision & Efficiency for Every De-Coating Project

Applications of Laser De-Coating

Architectural & Artistic Conservation

Laser restoration technology is an invaluable tool for the conservation of architectural and artistic works. It is the most gentle and effective method for cleaning historic buildings, ornate woodwork, bronze statues, and more. Its precision allows for the restoration of these treasures to their former glory without the risk of damage.

Versatility Across Materials

Suitable for a wide range of materials, laser restoration can clean stone, metal, wood, and more. This versatility makes it perfect for various applications, from small heirlooms to large architectural facades, ensuring that every detail is meticulously preserved.

Gentle & Effective Cleaning

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Our laser restoration services offer a comprehensive solution for your conservation needs. From delicate heirlooms to monumental buildings, our technology provides thorough cleaning without damaging the substrate. Benefits include:

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