Smoke Damage Restoration


The fire started in a ground floor utility/store room where refrigerators were kept. The fire destroyed that room but was extinguished before it could move very far beyond it. However, there was significant smoke damage throughout the remainder of the restaurant and building.The owner was very concerned about his business interruption costs and the reputational effect of being closed for an extended period on his business in a very competitive area for his restaurant. LaserTec was asked to undertake a day of Laser Cleaning in the first floor restaurant seating area to assess how quickly the area could be made ready for decoration.The owner had also asked an ice cleaning company to quote. After one day on site we were instructed to complete the work in the main restaurant as the client concluded that it would be more cost effective than an entire refit.


The Laser will be able to clean a surface area ready for the redecoration of150 sqm in a week.

Market Disruption

The Laser Cleaner had the potential to reduce the case study insurance claim by £60,000-£120,000. This new service will disrupt the industry once it is used consistently in fire damage restoration.

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