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Smoke damage Laser Cleaning

Smoke damage laser cleaning is a highly selective and precise method to remove smoke damage from various surfaces. We recommend using our highly trained laser cleaning technicians due to the technical nature of soot removal. When removing soot from wooden beams and other items, without the correct training, lasting damage can occur. Ideal for insurance companies, loss adjusters, councils, and major loss builders, this dry, non-contact laser technology efficiently eliminates soot from bricks, paving, painted surfaces, wooden and steel beams, and ornate decorative pieces.

Efficient & Environmentally Friendly

The Efficiency of Laser Cleaning for Smoke Damage

Quick & Effective Cleaning

Laser cleaning is incredibly efficient at removing smoke damage, cleaning large areas quickly and effectively. It stands as the ideal choice for residential, commercial, and industrial properties needing smoke damage cleaning.

Non-Invasive Technique

Traditional cleaning methods often risk damaging wood, stone and metal surfaces, are usually time expensive, and don’t provide the depth of clean necessary. In contrast, laser cleaning for smoke damage is non-invasive, using only light and avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

Environmentally Friendly Approach

Laser smoke damage repairs are environmentally friendly, producing no harmful chemicals or waste. This safe and sustainable choice is perfect for various environments.

Precise Cleaning without Surface Damage

Laser cleaning’s precision allows for targeting specific smoke-damaged areas without affecting the surrounding material, making it ideal for delicate and intricate surfaces.

Precision & Efficiency for Every De-Coating Project

The Challenge of Soot Deposits & Laser Cleaning Efficiency

Overcoming Soot Deposits

During a fire, soot can be deposited on almost all surfaces whether on internal or external brickwork, structural hidden woodwork, even behind plasterboard. We understand that the homeowner wants their property put back to a pre fire state, and without refitting, can often be impossible. Laser cleaning solves this problem. Soot deposits , whether on urban facades, statues, infrastructural structures, or industrial installations, pose a significant challenge. Traditional chemical cleaning methods for soot removal are often less effective and harmful to people and the environment.

The Ideal Soot Removal Technology

Laser cleaning perfectly meets the requirements for soot removal: it targets the thin, black soot layer effectively. Black soot absorbs the laser’s short, energetic light pulses, causing a rapid temperature rise and evaporating the soot, leaving a perfectly clean surface with no residual soot deposits.

Surface Suitability & Versatility

Suitable Surfaces for Smoke Damage Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning is effective on surfaces that can withstand moderate to high temperatures. Some plastics may be unsuitable for laser cleaning. The surface must also be visible and within reach.  The heat primarily affects the soot, not the underlying material. Surfaces suitable for smoke damage laser cleaning include:

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If you’re facing the challenge of smoke damage, contact LaserTec for professional smoke damage laser cleaning services. Our team is equipped to handle a range of materials and surfaces, providing a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution. Reach out to us for a customised quote and discover how our advanced laser cleaning technology can restore and rejuvenate your damaged surfaces.