Enhancing Vessel Performance & Longevity

Maritime Sector

Laser Cleaning in the Maritime Sector represents a significant leap forward in ship maintenance and restoration. This technology offers an efficient, eco-friendly alternative to traditional cleaning methods, crucial for the upkeep of vessels in the maritime industry.

Driving Innovation Across Industries

Advanced Cleaning for Boats & Ships

Boat Paint Removal

In the realm of maritime upkeep, boat paint removal is essential for both aesthetic and functional vessel maintenance. Laser cleaning delivers a precise and controlled removal of old paint, preparing surfaces for new coatings without the abrasive impact of conventional methods.

Antifouling Removal

Keeping vessels’ hulls free from biological growth is vital for efficiency and fuel conservation. Antifouling removal with laser technology ensures a clean hull, improving vessel performance and reducing the environmental impact associated with marine biofouling.

Fibreglass Cleaning

The versatility of laser cleaning extends to fibreglass cleaning, maintaining the structural integrity and appearance of fibreglass components on boats and ships. This non-contact cleaning method is gentle on surfaces yet powerful enough to eliminate contaminants and prepare for further treatment.

Surface Preservation for Maritime Maintenance

The Benefits of Laser Cleaning in Marine Applications

Laser cleaning offers numerous advantages for the maritime sector:


Non-abrasive cleaning preserves the integrity of the vessel’s surfaces.


Environmentally friendly process reduces waste and eliminates the need for harmful chemicals.

Boosting Vessel Efficiency

Enhances the efficiency of vessels by removing contaminants that can slow down ships and increase fuel consumption.

Maritime Cleaning Challenges

Comprehensive Solutions

Our laser cleaning services are not limited to the exterior of the ships; they extend to the cleaning and maintenance of containers, machinery, and the internal infrastructure of the vessels. By ensuring a clean and contamination-free environment, laser cleaning aids in the efficient operation of recycling and waste processing within maritime operations.

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